Tartan Tweed

TARTANTWEEDI found this tartan tweed skirt on *ebay last Winter, it’s vintage Jaeger (again!). The wool tweed is in wonderful condition, the colours rich and perfect. I knew it was too long and planned to shorten it even though it’s quite thick….where there’s a will, there’s a way. TARTANTWEED2It has front patch pockets but you can barely notice them because the patterns are perfectly matched – bliss – I love details like this! But imagine my disappointment that the lining was in pieces, I mean shredded, so I let the seller know in a matter of fact way since they hadn’t bothered to show it in a photo or the description and as a buyer, I should have asked. To my surprise the seller was motified at not checking the skirt themselves and refunded everything I paid including the postage and let me keep it all the same. TARTANTWEED3Well, I managed to save as much of the lining as I could, took it up (even though my mother disaproved of the ensuing bulk), sent it to the dry cleaners et voilâ! Warm as toast and I adore the colours. This mustard shade is haunting me this season. I love pale lemon in Spring/Summer and I don’t really have anything that’s a bright, true yellow but I like this mustard hue more and more 🙂 It makes me want to wear it with khaki! My boots are vintage Bally, faithful and still wonderful after all these years. I’m wearing a plain cotton poloneck from Gap Girls and the peacoat is recent by Theory. I hadn’t thought about it before so am relieved the lengths work.

Thanks for reading!


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