Man Neutrals


For me, nothing could be easier than borrowing from the boys when it comes to keeping warm – a jumper (Gap Men), tailored wool pants (Theory women) and lace up brogues. My Banana Republic cashmere scarf looks like a long sleeveless cardi here…hmm…I’ve always steered clear of those. I often wear two scarves in Winter, bundling up the outer around my neck rather than leaving it loose like this.

GREYS4Grey wool trousers are also here, here and here. I’m searching for a pair of light brown boots the same as these but still haven’t found any after 3 years. I love the little vintage Céline bag, so incredibly useful all year round.BROGUES2 I’m particularly fond of turn ups and where possible have added them to trousers that have needed shortening. It makes the pain of cutting off several inches of material more bearable! These grey ones were already like this. Argyle pattern socks I haven’t worn in a long while and vintage Bally brogues that I wear a lot, I’ll be truly heartbroken the day they fall apart

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6 thoughts on “Man Neutrals

  1. Cynthia Peterson

    I love your style and your blog, and the fact that you mix top designer pieces with more affordable ones. I was wondering about all your gorgeous vintage bags. On occasion you mention the conditioning they go through; do you do this yourself, or do you take them somewhere to get this done?

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment Cynthia! I have learnt from The Purse Forum how to care for Hermes leathers on this thread
      I have posted about the creams/method I use too here: and here
      But there are some leathers that I have sent to be taken care of by Hermes themselves ie my croco and alligator bags that I would not attempt to do myself.
      I’ve always had this high and low end mix plus some vintage thrown in for good measure and very comfortable with it.
      Hope this helps! 🙂


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