Winter Soft

SOFTWINTERI naturally gravitate towards light colours and like to wear them all the year round. I re-discovered this gorgeous shawl when digging around my stuff looking for something to use as part of a Roman costume for my youngest. The shawl is a fine wool and was given to me by a friend from India some years ago. I never wore it properly because to be honest, I’ve never been a shawl, poncho or cape wearer. Well, better late than never seems to be my fashion motto this past year so here it is! SOFTWINTER2 The black cotton Gap Girls poloneck (and M&S thermal vest) is my base then a vintage Aran wool cardigan is another vintage treasure I found on *bay several years ago. It’s the original handknit version with pockets and fits me exactly how I wanted it to, also here and here. The shawl is folded lengthways and I just draped it over my shoulders.SOFTWINTER3Gap Always Skinny grey jeans fit today – yay! This is the first time I’ve tucked them into the grey Däv PVC wellingtons. I’ve had the wellies for over year but never wore them (only wore the black Tory Burch here). They are a fantastic fit for my chunky calves. I really like that they tone in with the jeans so my already short legs don’t get cut in half if there was too much of a contrast. Last year, I decided to use my Gris Tourterelle Lindy 30cm in the Winter here as well as Spring/Summer. It’s a deceptively roomy style and I use it as a travel bag when flying long haul. There is a larger 34cm size but my dream would be to have the smaller 26cm size in a yummy colour 🙂

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Winter Soft

  1. Vix

    Those soft colours looks so pretty on you! I miss my vintage grey high heeled wellies, they’ve sadly gone to the great boot graveyard in the sky! x

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