Health & Fitness: Basic Soup and Swim Types

SPINSOUPI know, green sludge maybe – in fact it’s homemade spinach soup. It was only 2 years ago that I started making my own soup. I always thought it was quite complicated but a very dear Belgian friend showed me it’s one of the easiest things in the world. I only have 2 soups in my repetoire so far, leek and potato and spinach. Next, I badly want to make cauliflower and carrot and coriander. The best thing about soup is that you don’t really need to measure anything, just count or in my case use whatever’s left in the cupboards: a couple of big potatoes, one onion, a couple of organic vegetable stock cubes and enough water. If I’m adding leeks then a couple will do or if spinach, half a packet is enough. I don’t pulverise it completely, preferring to leave it with bits like above. So far my 2 youngest have refused to look at even a spoonful.

BASICI’m really enjoying my little bit of me time when swimming regularly. I’ve found that tiny slot when it’s quietest and on most days am rewarded with peaceful mental reflection.BASIC2Gap Men’s grey cotton jumper, H&M Girls’ black stretch trousers, vintage silk scarf, vintage Céline bag and taupe fleece lined wedge ankle boots by D Copenhagen.

Even though I keep myself to myself and focus on my strokes, I notice some regular fellow swimmers:

1. the Pro – can be male or female and always swims every stroke they know per length – every bit as good as they think they are

2. the Splasher – self explanatory really, even though you swim as far away from them in your own lane as possible, their splashes still reach you – not as good as they think they are

3. the Barger-In – again self explanatory and sometimes frustratingly combined with the above type 2. Never cares that they swim far too close to someone else not only splashing them but also creating unwelcome, unpredicatbale waves (I like pool water to be flat and tidy 🙂 )

4. the Chatters – seen in pairs sometimes with matching swim caps, they manage to swim at such a pace that does not impair their constant chatter in any way at all

5. the Character – a non swimmer who simply walks around in the shallow. This particular one holds onto a pile of several floats under each hand even though the water is low chest high in the shallow (and shoulder high on me 🙂 )

And me? Well, I’m the clumsy land animal who avoids getting my face wet if at all possible and can barely make out other swimmers being too lazy to acquire contact lenses. But I’m efficient 🙂

Disclaimer: these entirely fuzzy views are my own and formed myopically therefore any resemblance to real or actual persons is purely coincidental.

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Health & Fitness: Basic Soup and Swim Types

  1. Vix

    I love homemade soup, I’ve got a curried parsnip one on the hob for tomorrow’s lunch!
    Love your swimming types, you haven’t mentioned the lone shark, the bloke in the Speedos whose only there to chat up women, enough to put any girl off their excercise! x

  2. Sharon S

    Hi there! Glad the swimming is going well, I find my new library job is giving me unexpected bouts of me time and peace at certain given times! I love homemade leek and potato soup and spinach too xxx

  3. Sue

    We have a lot of soup Saturdays and believe it or not, I’ve only started making soup in the last two months – now that is slow off the mark! Like you, I’ve found that it’s pretty much a make it up as you go along thing. One of our favourites is a kind of minestrone – all the veggies we can find, shredded left over chicken and some pasta thrown in to bolster it up and which the kids love. The thing with the pasta is I tend to cook it seperate from the soup so all the starchiness doesn’t go in the soup and the pasta doesn’t absorb all the soup as well.

    And as for swimming. I went for the first time this year – I can’t swim and I can’t abide being in the water and I only went because of George. The fun he had was worth the misery I endured though :o)

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Sounds great Sue – I’m going to try adding the pasta too and yes, love the make it up as you go along style of cooking 🙂 I can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner.

      I did learn to swim since school but only do the breakstroke and was never really bothered about swimming or pools even on holiday. Plus due to eczema I couldn’t go near chlorine for years – it’s just lucky that the eczema seems to have gone for the past 6 months. My kids all swim so I no longer have to supervise, they just play together and are at an age they can go on their own but of course I wouldn’t let them yet. My youngest loves the water sooooo much she wants to be a mermaid. Seriously. I’m not sure if it’s anything to do with taking her swimming since she was a baby 🙂 You may be surprised and learn to like it!


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