Formula Dressing

GREYSKINNYWhat I mean by ‘formula’ is generally what a lot of people are wearing eg skinny jeans, jacket and ‘Dicker’ style ankle boots. My aversion to this sort of dressing firmly stems from the fact that for most of my life, what ‘everyone’ was wearing rarely ever suit me as an individual. I’ve learnt to keep an open mind, however, witness the bf jeans adoration, and a solution is to tweak the formula to make it more personal to me.GREYSKINNY2Slightly less casual with a change of belt (vintage Gucci) and Kelly sellier. I think I’d prefer it with my rust coloured Aran cardigan instead of the Zara knit jacket. Anyway, this season I’m really starting to play around with my clothes and accessories mostly to find more staple combinations plus any unexpected ones would be a welcome bonus.

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