Winter: Bright Touches

BRIGHTTOUCH2I’ve never worn very bright outfits although I have a favourite deep red velvet top, much worn in the 90’s and a whole red dress (that I look forward to wearing come Spring/Summer). Accessories have been the saviours of my grey, cream, navy, black and beige scheme. Here is my orange Banana Republic scarf and red Hermès Bolide bag. BRIGHTTOUCH4Temperatures are back up to almost double figures and the arctic winds have diverted so a simple layering was enough. I’m wearing a The White Company girl’s tee shirt with the sleeve ends showing under my navy Gap Men’s v neck jumper. BRIGHTTOUCHThe Bolide bag is a beautifully simple style and comes with strap and lock/keys. It’s a familiar shape since I own a vintage bag by Ferragamo that I use every Winter here and here. I had been wishing for a slightly smaller size in a yummy colour – tah dah! This red I think is called Rouge Garance but not certain because Hermès reds can be confusing. The leather is box and has a patina but is quite dry, so I will be treating her as soon as possible. BRIGHTTOUCH3Glad to be still wearing my Gap 1969 faded wash bf jeans also here in Winter and the fleece lined wedges (I couldn’t get them to work last year for some reason). I’m most drawn to rusty colours and true reds because they tend to be wearable all year round. Xmas came early – thank you Santa H!

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