Selvedge Indigo and Camel

RAWANDCAMEL3Another Winter of another year, but the same blue cashmere scarf (Banana Republic) and trusty vintage camel coat 🙂 It’s a single breasted coat but I wear it as a wrap over because it’s almost 2 sizes too big (first bought it post babies etc..). This year I’m wearing it with Gap 1969 selvedge jeans (button fly) and grey fleece lined wedges. I suppose the turn ups look almost part of the booties.RAWANDCAMEL4It’s all neutral today and this is when I like a black bag as a contrast to the camel. You can see the studs on the base, Ferragamo did this before Alexander Wang was a twinkle in his parents’ eye! RAWANDCAMEL5This is a super practical bag for me and though the studs add a touch more weight, I really don’t mind. There’s now a queue for the leather home treatment 🙂 It’s the last but one weekend before Christmas so hope it’s not too frantic for you!

RAWANDCAMEL Alternatively with brown suede Sam Edelman booties.

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