Pub Lunch and Bright Scarf

GARLICMUSHROOMHello! Sorry for the radio silence – I’m still alive if only just – this year, everything’s crazier than last! TOMSOUPSo the gatherings with family and friends have begun. Recently we were at a pub. The tomato soup was a little too sweet. SMOKEHADDOCKSmoke Haddock was a touch too salty. JACKETPOTBaked potato was a little too crisp. BURRITO Burrito I believe, it was my brother’s and I heard no complaints!FAIRGORUNDATTRACTION2My son’s choice, ‘Fairground Attraction’ platter. It was a hit! CHOCFUDGEMy chocolate fudge cake was lovely!

NAVYPINKBORDEAUX Close up of my bright Hermès scarf with Warehouse navy dress also here and grey Dean & White cashmere cardigan (old and worn a lot).navybrightsThe same outfit got another outing to the obligatory school play. My Ferragamo bag has space for a Handycam and my Canon EOS – I know, very old tech. Santa may take pity and give me a major mobile phone upgrade that does all in one for me. navybrights2Just seen is a vintage Hermès ‘H’ belt in burgundy also here and here. At first I thought it looked pretty huge but I’ve got used to going bigger and bolder 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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