Red Coat

REDContinuing the festive spirit by wearing my red Tommy Hilfiger coat – Santa isn’t the only one with a nice red coat! I bought mine years ago in a moment of clarity of needing more colour in my life 🙂  It’s still kind of hard for me but I’m getting better!RED3There’s a lot going on in this coat besides being a true red colour though it may look a bit washed out on your screeens.RED4I think the way to go for me is to wear an all black or other single colour base underneath down to my toes for a sleeker silhouette or a wide trousers 40’s style look. Will update with a photo…..

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Red Coat

  1. Vix

    Gorgeous coat! I think you should play up that glorious shade of red with a pink and orange scarf tied at the neck or some wonderful patterned pants. More is always more! x


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