The Return of Princesse and Vasco

PRINI was lucky enough to find this vintage Hermès Princesse burgundy alligator treasure in great condition earlier this year here. I knew the black marks would be permanent but they hardly detract from the overall beauty to me. PRIN2I took her to the Artisan at Hermès, Old Bond Street and she’s back! Structurally there was nothing wrong at all so it was a case of a good cleaning overall.PRIN3It makes me really happy to know how much her previous owner used her and with such care. The colour sometimes appears redder, pinker or browner. I’ve not used flash.PRIN4 This little comb in its case and a handful of hair pins were left inside.PRIN5The stamp means this bag was made before the 60’s – maybe even 40’s-50’s. And look at the teeny tiny stitches – each and every one still intact!PRINVAS2 Together with another exotic Hermès, Vasco, in black croco from the 70’s. They both came back together in time for Christmas.PRINVAS4Again structurally, nothing wrong at all and the main body was still shiny. It was just the handle that was dull and worn. PRINVAS5Bottoms neat and clean! VASThe Artisan managed to restore a little shine to most of the handle. VAS2Edges are perfect. VAS3The clasp showed hardly any colour loss or wear.VAS4Such a beautiful line! The bit of oxidisation and dirt were removed. VAS5The stamp is a more modern version. VAS6The ingenious, secure and simple to use clasp.VAS7Each detail is perfectly executed. I fell in love with them all over again!

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8 thoughts on “The Return of Princesse and Vasco

  1. Sharon-mystyle

    Hi my dear! Getting them back pristine for Christmas is like new Christmas presents for yourself, they are utterly gorgeous! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas! xx

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