Cords and Brogues

CORDSI hope you’re all enjoying the holidays as much as we are! I did indulge in so many ways and here’s how: cords by Gap and tan brogues by M&S Boys as seen at Sue So So (not the first time and I dare say not the last by far – she’s found excellent and well priced items). Thank you Sue! Tan brogues have been on my shopping list for over a year eversince I got some in patent black. I found tan loafers in the Summer but no brogues until now. CORDS2 My transformation is complete: I’ve turned into my Dad circa 1978! You try to be your own person but ultimately it’s futile, genes overrule!TANBROGUESI LOVE these cords, they’re the bf shape like the jeans I have only in soft corduroy. At first I thought twice about ordering navy but when it arrived, I was beyond delighted it turned out to be a slightly jewel amethyst, not your standard navy. Yeah…purple cords…so 70’s…again! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Cords and Brogues

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! I had to use the Ferragamo grained leather ‘bolide’ as it was pouring down with rain and I was running around town. Light rain showers but not a downpour for the Kelly.

  1. Sue

    Love it – I never thought of it as turning in to my dad but now that you’ve mentioned it – you have a point. I would never have thought that I was taking my fashion cues from my dad rather than my mother.

    And I’m glad you like the brogues – I’ve yet to take mine out for a spin. Hoarding as usual but I’m sure they will make another appearance on the blog soon. I’ve got to try and squeeze back in to the jeans that I would wear them with. The Christmas excesses have taken their toll on my thighs :o(

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