Man, I Feel Like a Woman!

CHAMKELLYA bright Winter’s day never fails to cheer me up. I find the gloomy darkness more difficult to take than sub zero temperatures. I’ve now moved on to lined wool trousers to keep warm when not in tights and knee boots.  CHAMKELLY2This is one of my standard mannish winter outfits also here with a different coat and bag but it’s the first time I wore the M&S Boy’s tan brogues with them. And carried the Chamonix Kelly! Despite the masculine lines and elements, I felt far from manly – was going to add that men have it easy then read a couple of posts over at Garance Doré where they’re having a masculine inspired week here and here.CHAMCLOSE2I feel best in simple lines and the thing with that is there’s nowhere to hide: material and craftsmanship alike are laid bare. Hopefully this whole outfit proves items don’t have to cost much at all to stand up to scrutiny. The important thing is to know what you’re looking for – now that’s the really hard part as it can take several years or decades to decide and find.CHAMCLOSE3Completed with Argyle pattern socks. I’m also wearing a little silk scarf unseen below the grey cashmere scarf. Sometimes on days I run errands, things take a little longer than planned and that day, I literally had to sprint in the street from one appointment to the next around the corner. The shoes were fine and didn’t rub me at all 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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