Closet 2014: Reflections, Reactions and Thank You!

BLACKBLUES I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We’re still trying to get back to routine and a new year brings changes that have to be accommodated somehow. I’ve been reading with much interest everyone’s resolutions or lack thereof or anti resolutions and thinking about what I’m going to do this year.Firstly, on a more personal note, 2013 was a tough and joyous year in equal measure. A milestone was my eldest, Tween starting secondary school which meant a steep learning curve for child young lady and parents alike. The most memorable and cherished experiences for me was family time (which becomes increasingly precious as my children grow up) and some unexpected travels – I can’t wait to do some more this year. I think what the experiences of 2013 have taught me is to be ever more grateful for my blessings, live in the moment, not to wish away time, cherish those dearest to me and be cherished. Of course it goes without saying I’ll continue with the physical well being but also just as necessary is the metaphysical. The soul can’t be neglected. BLACKBLUES2Secondly, I’m pleased to have made progress on my Closet Resolutions past. For the first time in decades I feel most like myself and how I want to present myself to the world. It’s an ongoing process to evolve an authentic style. And most importantly I thank you all for sharing this journey with me 🙂 It simply would not be possible without you!

Closet Resolutions 2013

  1. Reduce number of items of clothing – my permanent goal!
  2. Mix and match as much as possible for maximum rotation
  3. Any new items will be a replacement because all the gaps have been well plugged now.

Closet Resoultions 2012

  • wear more colour
  • add more textures including shine from sequins, lurex etc..
  • add bolder jewellery to each outfit
  • experiment with layering

OK, so I completely failed with the ‘Reduce number of items of clothing….’ point but I am improving! I will continue with all the points but will have two areas of special focus.

  1. Mix and match my existing wardrobe items as much as possible.
  2. Updating certain areas such as dresses and footwear.

BLACKCAMELI’ve already made a start with point 1. towards the end of last year and point 2. I know has the potential to destroy the Reduce number of items of clothing mantra! An update is unavoidable I’m afraid. It’s a continuous assessment: certain pieces don’t look so good anymore or the fit is no longer right, therefore update if needed eg. the asymmetric jumper or I can stop wearing it altogether since it no longer flatters and I no longer feel as good in it as I used to.  I’ve noticed that the look of an outfit became less important than how it feels in contrast to the preoccupation with finding the right shape, the right length, the right colour from a formulaic and theoretical perspective. Put another way, I understand that it’s important to care more about how I feel in my clothes than how they look from the outside. It wasn’t instinctive for me! Comfort is a big part but I also mean the basic nature of the items themselves. There, it’s happening – I’m turning into that little old lady who wears the same things everyday because they’re comfy! BLACKCAMEL2Well, hopefully I’ve got a few years yet! Joking aside, what I’ve noticed is a re-newed appreciation for the quality of the materials of the clothes I wear and their cut. I suppose this is my idea of luxury formed before I even knew how deeply it would influence me and the only place I could find both is in vintage pieces. I love vintage films and vintage clothes proved to be a huge impact on my senses. It basically defined my taste from a very early age. So what it means from a practical level is that I have to be even choosier about each and every piece that enters my closet. I decided a few years ago to quit the hoarding, not to keep things for best anymore and it also applies to dinner sets and table linen. They should be enjoyed as often as possible.LUCCA sam-edelman-lucca-buckled-suede-booties-product-2-13733364-887592192_large_flex

The update has already started. I’m wearing black Sam Edelman’s Lucca ankle boots which are similar to the Dicker shape. I must be the last person to have a pair of this hugely popular style but it took this long to find some that suit me. These were on my radar for several months, my size sold out then miraculously re-appeared so I finally pulled the trigger only to endure a short fit of remorse since I do have 2 other pairs of heeled black ankle boots. I was reasonably optimistic as I have other Sam Edelman footwear but the fashion gods were smiling on me because these fit like a…glove…and I wore them straight out of box. They are beyond comfy! This happens to be a style that fit extremely well and the best part is that they update my basic outfits and I felt as long and lean as I’m ever going to which is saying something after the holiday eating and no swimming 🙂

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Closet 2014: Reflections, Reactions and Thank You!

  1. ladysarahinlondon

    Yes I think you do have a good few years yet! 🙂 these days it’s all about comfort for me, ( I hopealso have a good few years too) any shoes that were too high have been given away, any jumpers that did not feel good are gone, thank goodness!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you 🙂 I’m a natural hoarder. When I began to audit my entire wardrobe over 3 years ago, I fought to keep stuff and tried to make the best of them before throwing out. I’m in the middle of another clear out and find it a lot easier this time to part with things.

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