Closet 2014: Matches Fashion – Shopping List 2/3

I had the pleasure of discovering a very nice online experience with Matches Fashion recently. Of course, I hadn’t aimed to expand on where I shop but it was simply a case of them offering exactly what I was looking for AND on sale!

The Matches Fashion sale is on final reductions in case anyone would like a little look 🙂

LANBOOTSBeautifully boxed. LANBOXI tried Lanvin shoes before and was disappointed with the quality and fit so was anxious to try again.LANBOOTS2Suede knee high boots in officially a grey colour but it’s a charmeleon and can appear taupe or a deep sage green in a certain light. The style is as plain as could be with a low hidden wedge heel. They’re exactly what I was looking for and the fit is 99% perfect – the 1% deficit is due to my legs so can’t be helped 🙂 I normally steer clear of suede footwear but some styles look extra yummy in suede and this is one of them, a classic knee high boot with a bit of slouch. I’ve worn them already but it was a crazy day involving more running in the street so no outfit photos.

TALLBOOTS2Here they are looking more like their true colour. The box behind is huge as it held the  boots. I have to find some use for it quickly before little girls move in – both my girls love boxes and I have to laugh because I was – am exactly the same!

MATCHBOXAnd there’s more…lovely packaging.SAPETBOOTS The beige version of the these boots.SAPETBOOTS2They’re for Spring. I have been looking for light coloured shoes for the whole of last year – there seemed to be only black everywhere!SAPETBOOTS3These came in another marble pattern box that I am making use of already. The whole entire ordering and delivery process was smooth and very quick. There were emails each step of the way and I have no complaints at all. Next post will be about more accessories.

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Closet 2014: Matches Fashion – Shopping List 2/3

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I haven’t decided yet with the big one, may use it to put my favourite Summer footwear together so they’re all in one place. I really don’t like to throw out boxes as nice as these ones 🙂

  1. Style At Every Age

    Great boots, love them both, I was thinking about the Sam Edelmans myself, I ordered some tan ones with tassels but sent them back because in my head I thought they were the same colour as the ones you ordered x

  2. Sue

    You definitely can’t throw out the boxes! They’re fab – and yes use them for storing all your summer footwear. I do that – saves on space if I group some of the footwear together. And both boots are lovely but I particulary love the Lanvin ones. Just sumptuous!


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