Closet 2014: Accessories 3/3

CUFFA vintage goldtone Christian Lacroix cuff. Lacroix was one of my favourite couturiers during his hey day of the late 80’s/early 90’s and I adore this kind of costume jewellery. SCARVES Two more silk twill scarves to the collection. It took me months to decide which colours to add.SCARVES2The exotic always fascinates me and I love how these colours combine.

MOUSSEHORNA scarf in sheer silk mousseline and the horn necklace both by Hermès. These pieces are different to my usual scarf and necklace choices so thought about them for some time before deciding they would be useful additions and are so lovely in their own right.

ANKLEBALCK2 I allowed one more pair of black ankle boots into my wardrobe. This was a case of a long researched, an even longer wait for the sales plus discount code on top. Ankle boots and me go way, way back, I used to constantly wear them when living in the city; court shoes were too dainty and cold for pounding London pavements and enduring public transport but knee boots too warm for work (I didn’t have brogues in those days).ANKLEBALCK

There were pointy toe versions but these are in fact slim enough at the toes and the thin heels make them more dressy. I love the fine criss cross strap detail and dainty goldtone buckle. They also fit close to the ankle which is a must. The brand is L’Autre Chose.SANDALSFrom the NAP Sale are Musa London flip flops in golden leather plaits. These are my first ever pair of flip flops that I would wear as proper footwear. I only ever consider them as beach and pool wear and would never show my toes around town in a pair (let alone a city). These are for the holidays or if we should get a heatwave in the UK.

K Jacques flip-flop-gladiator-ankle-strap flats – this pair manages to combine no less than 3 styles together and fits me really well. They are both true to size imho. I couldn’t imagine buying flats again last year but these were irresistable in my quest for beige/nude sandals. I especially do not buy Summer sandals full price. In fact I rarely buy Summer specific anything because there’s hardly ever been a proper Summer in UK since 1976! I get by with the most transeasonal part of my closet: dresses, skirts, blouses but I do have to wear slightly more climate appropriate gear during holidays away from home where it is most definitely hot and that’s when the white pants and proper sandals come out to play.

POINTYFLATSAt last pointy toe flats! I waited and waited for these to go on sale AND for a discount code on top before snapping them up. Not Valentino but by Giacomorelli – I can’t really be faithful to one brand for shoes because of my small, broad feet – I’ll look at any if they make my size. I love my pointy toe patent beige sling backs so much I started looking for a court version last year. Strictly speaking the court style doesn’t really suit my feet nor are they an everyday need but they serve as a vital update.

I’ve pretty much completed the shopping for Spring/Summer as well already so let’s see how good my self restraint is for the rest of the year …. erm, we’re almost half way into February …which is a short month … only 28 days …. then it’ll be Spring!

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Closet 2014: Accessories 3/3

  1. GK

    I love the pleasure you take in assembling a truly beautiful wardrobe. Just like I enjoy reading decorating blogs, but don’t decorate my own home, I also really enjoy seeing others build a beautiful wardrobe. It’s creative and interesting and so very individual. I think a good part of the pleasure of acquiring clothes/accessories or decor for your home is all the curating that takes place. It’s fun!
    The scarves and that cuff are fabulous, everything you have is just beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to share it. Do you remember Lacroix bubble dresses? I used to have one of those!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I do remember the bubble dress – wow! Interior decor is another love of mine 🙂 I’m into the 3rd year of my closet audit and I’ve learnt to better plan additions as well as to edit out things that don’t work. It’s not a quick process and I wish I had more patience before as it would have saved me from the wrong purchases many times over. Now I’m forcing myself to take my time and to work out how each item works with what I already have and if it would add anything special rather than being a repeat – got enough of those staples.

  2. Vix

    I love how much research and effort you put in to keep your wardrobe up to date. That cuff is so beautiful, it’s like a Mediaeval crown! xxx

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Vix! Since I’ve started reading blogs, I’ve got a better idea how to update myself using only a few new things each time rather than a whole new wardrobe! I couldn’t resist that cuff! xxx

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