Textures: Cosy

CASHCORDSANGORAThere’s nothing like a virus sweeping through the family and a further week of fighting it off to leave me reaching for the cosiest layers when having to step outdoors! And the extreme dampness almost suffocates so apologies for looking a bit grey …. CASHCORDSANGORA2The mix: vintage Jaeger cashmere coat, Gap 1969 cords and ancient Top Shop angora beret (that refuses to die) – cashcordsgora? Also a grey Zara Girls cotton v neck jumper. CASHCORDSANGORA3The other colourway to the grey cashmere Banana Republic long scarf is this blue version. I’ve rotated bags to the Céline Micro luggage tote in camel. This is a perfectly useful size and pretty weather resistant so far for a smooth leather – I must see if it’s treatable the same as the box leather (I bought the Micro before learning about leather treatments). I’m looking forward to Spring while keeping warm and snug in the meantime. Hope you’ve no snow drifts or flooding to deal with!

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