Cherries on My ‘H’ Cake – Happy Valentine’s Day!

K28K32A Kelly 28 sellier in Peau Porc naturel next to the 32 in naturel Chamonix. The colours have come out darker than irl so I would say the Porc is more the Chamonix shade. K28PTurned vintage this year and in excellent condition together with the shoulder strap. I love, love the 28 size and already own 2 others in the retourner style but had to have the sellier too. I’ve had a long search for the Elusive Tan as a neutral and this colour in the Porc is a couple of shades darker than the Chamonix but I would still class it as a neutral – any darker then it would be brown to me. A true all year round neutral.K28P2There is a ‘Gold’ colour which looks very different depending on the leather but from everything I’ve seen, it’s too rich and warm for me personally. I have just one item in this colour, a wallet and it is definitely a brown to my eyes.K28P3The contrast stitching is a weakness of mine. The base depth is in fact wider than that of the retourner style, I suppose in compensation for lost space due to the sellier construction.K28K32SIDE28 and 32 sides. I was never keen on textured leathers but the Porc has a very fine grain and is very light.K28TWINAnd here we have another 28 in a Brique colour box leather. The colour looks red here but it is in fact much more rusty. This is younger and you can definitely tell the difference in the stitching which are slightly longer than the vintage Kelly. I especially love the palladium hardware with this warm colour and of course the contrast stitching. K28BR I’ve been crazy about this colour since I got the Plume in Chêvre leather last year.K28TWIN2I’m lucky that all my 28 Kelly’s came with their straps as this is how I most often wear them while the 32s are hand held. K28SIDEBoth the 28s from the side.

The Brique Kelly had quite a journey to finally reach me starting about 6 months ago but due to a shipping error she ended up travelling the equivalent of one and a half times around the world before landing on my doorstep! I feel my collection is complete at last and there will be no more additions to increase the ‘H’ family although I know there’ll be some shuffling as time goes on. Next post will be comparing the sellier/retourner styles and sizes/capacity.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for reading!

14 thoughts on “Cherries on My ‘H’ Cake – Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! They are such lovely examples of craftmanship but I don’t have room for display cases. I keep them in their dustcovers lined up on the shelves of my closets.

    1. ladysarahinlondon

      Actually do check with Doc before you take the porc out in the rain. I think mine is waterproof because it’s so old and has been polished so many times. The water literally just glides off, but not sure if that would be case on a new bag.

      1. silkpathdiary Post author

        Thank you so much Sarah! I remembered your beloved bag had been looked after by Doc 🙂 I read on the tpf leather reference that porc is not good in the rain so will have to research thoroughly before I do anything.

      2. ladysarahinlondon

        Well is entirely waterproof now. And you know how much it’s been raining! I daren’t use the box though, I worry it’s one of those imaginary lifestyle purchases… What I really need is a very very used beat up rouge or navy….

      3. silkpathdiary Post author

        I think box is more resilient than most imagine, I took it for granted because I’ve always loved it. I once felt less guilty about using the older bags but then made the decision to use all of them as much as possible – old or new and never looked back! I really hope you will too soon 🙂

  1. HappyFace313

    Congratulations on your beautiful bags! Where did the “new / old” Kelly come from? How old is it? Will you tell us more about it, please?
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too! 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! I bought them from resellers. The older one in Porc is from 1994 and the newer Brique is from 2002. I’m writing a post about each and I haven’t forgotten about the Twilly for you – sorry about the delay – hope you’ll forgive me!

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