A Modern Step: Bomber

BOMBERI’m long overdue a jacket update and didn’t realise it until now. Not that I need another jacket but an update and that’s why I’ve allowed myself the bomber: a kid’s one from Zara. Last year, a baseball jacket was on my shopping list and there was a most perfect version at Gap Boys, trouble was it came out huge then sold out. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake and snapped this up in the sales pronto! BOMBER2The front part is a navy wool mix, better than black for me and the sleeves are PVC which is a HUGE departure from my comfort zone of natural fabrics. HUGE! OK, I am wearing rubber wellies – rubber is natural – I suppose the PVC kinda looks similar. My base is the H&M Men’s cotton jumper tucked into a Jaeger flared skirt with the Dav black wellies and carrying the Céline Micro luggage tote (see how wide it is in depth). I’m wearing a little Hermès gavroche scarf which is something else I’m exploring.BOMBER4I know the bomber looks fine with jeans and other pants but it MUST also work with skirts and dresses. My Tween asked me straight out à la Saffron, ‘Are you going out like that?’ I DID and we all survived 🙂 If the bomber lasts, she’ll get her turn to wear it soon enough…. BOMBER6I know this style is made by grown up labels but I didn’t want to spend much for the first time on something so new to me. I adore sports luxe and want to embrace it after avoiding anything remotely sports wear since the age of 9. Everything had to be dressy, dressy, dressy or not at all. I’m now ready to make up for lost time!

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11 thoughts on “A Modern Step: Bomber

  1. Vix

    You know its a great outfit if it shocks the kids! Those bombers were in The Guardian this weekend and any 1980s ones have been flying off my rails for the last couple of years, the tackier the better. Much prefer yours, especially with the skirt and beret! x

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much Vix! The Gap boys one from last year had a massive car applique on the back – so good – might have to resort to *bay to find one if possible. I like the sweatshirt version too, not sure about the shiny nylon? Oh well if it’s in the Guardian, prices will shoot up now. xx

  2. Sue

    What a cute jacket – you are way ahead of me. I’m only just coming to terms that this is the new outerwear to have and I haven’t got on board yet. I need to do catch up!

  3. GK

    Love the bomber, what a nice addition to your wardrobe. I’m a big fan of sports luxe as well as high/low outfits and you’ve managed to pull it all together really nicely!

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