Kelly: Porc

PORCCOMPARISONAt the start of my Hermès journey, a Kelly Porc was going to be my very first bag but I changed my mind because ultimately I wasn’t sure about the leather itself. Back then, I was only starting the learning process (which continues) of the leathers, the functionality and aesthetics of Hermès bags. At the same time I was at a cross roads with my own closet requirements – leaving behind the baby years but where to go?ORANGESCARFIn the end my H journey began with the vintage chocolate brown box leather 32 Kelly followed by the Bleu de Prusse 28 in swift leather:TSKIRTThen came the love affair with ChamonixCHAMCLOSE2and I forgot all about Porc until last year when the beautiful Aesthetic Alterations acquired her Kelly 32 Porc. She carries it and every single H piece so incredibly well! In the meantime, I received my Kelly in Brique box – my very first sellier 28 and was completely head over heels in love! I knew I had enough neutral bags and vowed to get something in a colour and if I was ever going to be lucky enough to find another Kelly, she HAD to be a sellier 28. The Kelly green Jigé appeared as if by magic, quickly followed by the Porc 28 sellier … just like buses 🙂

PORCCOMPARISON4The sellier construction requires the leather to be stiffer to start off with but the structure does soften with time – I’ve seen well used bags and the slouch is very appealing indeed! So sharper lines and shape than the softer, rounded retourne. In terms of capacity, there’s not much between them. I keep the straps fastened underneath the flap which makes it easy to access my mobile or tickets quickly on the go.PORCCOMPARISON2The retourne style has more give. PORCCOMPARISON5Contents that fit comfortably inside the retourne. GROUPK28SThe same contents fit inside the sellier too, I just swap between the metallic cosmetic case with the blue Karo pouch. The lovely texture of the Porc leather is clearer. It takes more skill to constuct the sellier because all the stitching is shown unlike the retourne.INNERK28PORCLike so. I would say this is the maximum and fortunately I don’t over stuff my bags which in turn makes it easier to open and close. The slip pockets at the front are perfect for mobile, stray hair clips and small papers, with the back zip pocket for more security. My mobile was charging so forgot to include it! Next will be about the Brique Kelly.

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Kelly: Porc

  1. GK

    You have a beautiful collection of handbags, I would love to see a photo of them all together. Like a little family. 🙂
    When did you get interested in Hermes handbags and is it only Hermes that you collect? What made you like Hermes in particular?

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! I’ve been meaning to get them together for a ‘family photo’ but need a block of time to do it. I was interested in Hermes and Chanel from quite young as I spent my Summer holidays in Paris. I bought Chanel clothes but not bags. I then got interested in Celine before it became so high profile and bought those bags first about a decade ago then Chanel and Hermes a few years after. I love the whole craftsmanship, look and functional aspects of Hermes best and if I had started buying H bags first, I really would not have gone anywhere else! Also as my life changed so did the collection and I don’t use Chanel as much as I used to.

      1. GK

        Well, your enthusiasm for clothes and bags is really lovely. I really enjoyed reading along with your style adventures. I’ll look forward to the family photo – once they are all reunited!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! It’s a very light leather and pretty tough I would say. However, I have seen some for sale that are in pretty poor condition. I do maintain most of my H bags myself so that’s an important part of making sure the Porc stays in good condition. That reminds me I must bring her out now it’s Spring/Summer – thanks again 🙂


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