Food Weather

CASSEROLEINGREThe foods we’ve been eating reflect this Winter weather. Steak casserole is one of our favourites and the recipe couldn’t be easier – I started making this when my son was a baby from a recipe in his little NCT baby cooking book and carried on ever since. CASSEROLE Carrots, potatoes, onions, cubed lean casserole steak, seasoned plain flour, beef stock cubes made up with hot water.

HOTPOTHot pot soup always goes down very well with our family and close friends (it’s a little messy!). It’s very versatile and comforting.

PANCAKEOK, this may not be familiar to some of you. It’s an Oriental savoury pancake: a plain pancake batter (water, flour, eggs, salt) with a touch of tumeric powder for that golden colour. Fry and toss in cooked prawns, chunks of salmon, minced pork or chicken with washed bean sprouts, fold over and serve with more vegetables as shown plus you can add fresh mint leaves. Of course you can opt for a vegetarian version too. The secret is the sauce which is made with lemon juice, sugar, salt, finely chopped garlic, boiling water – recipe here. The fish sauce is an acquired taste – rather like the stinkiest of French cheeses – so you don’t have to use it! Or if you do, omit the salt and make sure everyone is going to eat it 🙂BAGUETTEPIZZA My youngest, Sweetie got to make this simple baguette pizza at school. Fortunately she’d done it several times before at home so was quite the pro… 🙂SANDWICHI love a nice freshly made sandwich now and again especially when the weather brightens up.PITTAS2 This is another ultra simple snack that can be layered up with soup into a more substantial meal. It’s a warm sandwich since the pittas are lightly toasted then filled with tuna mayo (I use full fat) – you can add sweetcorn – then sliced crisp iceberg lettuce and chopped tomatoes – delicious if I say so myself!

ICECREAMOf course we love our little desserts too – the simpler the better! Ice cream,

APPLECRUMBLEand Apple Crumble 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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