Closet 2014: 3 Shades of Grey

Not 50, only 3 shades of grey that I found irresistable this season, more specifically 2 more coats to add to the collection, first the grey leather Whistles jacket:

GREYLEATHERCORDSI really wanted to try out some different colour combinations and explored the blues and greens here: a favourite Gap Boys’ check cotton shirt and here, Gap 1969 purple cords, Sam Edelman black nubuck boots and the Kelly 28 in Bleu de Prusse in swift leather.

GREY4I tried so hard to resist this coat by Vince. In the end it was futile, the ultra simple lines, no shoulder pads and beautiful texture are a winning combination that works casually and more formally with my most classic dresses. It has pockets in the side seams – pity it’s not reversible but we can’t have everything can we? Zara Girl’s cream jumper, Gap 1969 bf jeans and D Copenhagen fleece lined wedge boots also here.SNAKE2014This is my first attempt at a full length selfie – a whole new learning process! The grey is a warm tone and I had to wear it with my favourite snake print skirt here, Lanvin suede boots and Gap Men jumper to the cinema the other evening (saw Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – Chris Pine is pretty good but I am totally biased 🙂 ).

GREY2Another grey coat, this time vintage Eastex in a charcoal wool/cashmere/nylon mix with turn back cuffs and collar in a lighter grey.GREYIt’s warm, lightweight and an easy oversized style that I can use everyday. Here with navy Zara trousers and here, Sam Edelman black nubuck boots and an Indian shawl also here. I’m seeing grey everywhere – all shades and I love them!

Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “Closet 2014: 3 Shades of Grey

      1. Simone

        Really?! I’ve been reading along (mostly silently) for at least a year now and this is the first time I remember seeing it. Do you have it tagged, so I can go back and drool, er, look?

      2. silkpathdiary Post author

        Thanks so much! I haven’t been at all good about tagging properly sorry about! I last used it in October when I went to Morocco here
        and here
        and finally

        Usually it comes out during Spring Summer but last year I had other bags to rotate and travel with (in the meantime I worked on treating and waterproofing the leather for the first time). So it was Spring/Summer 2012 when it was most active and the posts are tagged as Travel.

        I’m very glad you have broken your silence 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  1. Vix

    That coat is gorgeous but I have to laugh at “by Vince” , the name brings to mind e a used car salesman with and a grubby sheepskin rather than a fancy designer! Love that selfie, you look so cute. x

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I know lol! I have one other item by the brand, a simple tee – I really like their ultra simple styles. I was getting so frustrated with the selfie xx

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