Pure Classic

CC2I’m trying to update my closet but sometimes only classics will do, no more no less. But first, here’s the chance to show some classic make up from Chanel; blush, powder and concealer all bought together here. I’m clueless with regards to make up and it was only with the help of great reviews for both the concealer and powder that I was able to make such good choices. The packaging is a joy to behold and use! CC3 I’m sorry for the dire quality of these photos, the light has been terrible in the grey and wet mornings – my camera just isn’t up to it or rather I’ve yet to work out how to make it better! Theory silk shirt here layered under a Jaeger wool dress with a curved hem at the sides also here and I wore it with the peacoat. It’s the first time I’ve worn the silk blouse with the dress, it’s a pretty obvious choice and I’ve no idea why it took me so long! It’s comfortable and should I feel cold, a light cashmere cardigan would be just  fine on top. Layering is a must for me when having to move between buildings and indoors to outdoors.CC4Black box Kelly with pearls and black ankle boots here. The boots are so perfect for a classic look without resorting to court shoes. Sorry for the dirty mirror! My youngest has started to put on her face cream in front of it and of course gets the cream on the mirror too….off to clean it 🙂

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Pure Classic

  1. Vix

    You look very smart and slinky in that pinafore, knee high boot and blouse combo!
    I’ve tried Chanel nail polish and found it very disappointing, it chipped in minutes. Good to hear that their other products justify the expense. x

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! Actually they are ankle boots with opaque black tights, was a bit too warm for full knee boots. It’s my smart uniform. I have about 4 Chanel nail polish colours – they last me ages as I rarely do my hands as well as feet. I’ve found them to be pretty tough – do you bother with the base coat and all that? I do which may make a difference, though my hands always get a beating day in day out – that’s why I don’t bother painting the nails. xx


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