Oscars 2014: Favourites

article-2571890-1BFB7FDF00000578-258_634x747The Oscar winners (and others) have had the time to catch up on their sleep and the rest of us had the chance to dissect and digest what everyone wore. These are the stand out looks for me. Who would have thought Pink had it in her to look so stunningly beautiful in what is for her a rather traditional evening gown? article-2571890-1BFB7AFF00000578-979_306x708I love everything about the gown itself, the colour, the proportion, the embellishment and the sexy deep plunge neckline. The way Pink wore her hair and the styling of the whole look was perfection. article-2571857-1BFAE40E00000578-344_634x902I adore Mrs Bruce Willis in this black gown! It really is so perfectly cut to show off her natural loveliness and her baby bump. article-2571857-1BFAE2B600000578-842_634x948She’s always looked so stylish in a very understated and chic way to me both officially and in private. article-2571741-1BFA19B800000578-497_634x968And so here’s Cate Blanchett (all hail the goddess!) in Armani Privé for the winning night. Again, I love everything about this dress. She has a figure to die for and the most feminine narrow torso and real hips! article-2571741-1BFA1A8800000578-517_306x856The dress is similar to the one she wore in black and I love that too. article-2571741-1BFA300000000578-569_634x956It’s ornate, sensual, youthful and feminine. article-2572503-1BFD496100000578-334_634x942 And it suits her perfectly. I read she bought an Armani suit with her first real pay cheque that she still wears.article-2571741-1BFC5EA300000578-1000_634x909The details match without being matchy-matchy and I love her natural face. Who would ever want to erase all the lines? Please don’t! I will have to devote a whole post to Cate.article-2571652-1BFA024700000578-998_964x668Lupita Nyong’o – such a confident and ideal choice for a novice! article-2571652-1BF9FECA00000578-871_470x706The colour and style is beyond beautiful on her. article-2571652-1BF9FE3600000578-374_470x706And I am loving the sexy deep plunge neckline again. She looks like a young Goddess. The only tiny thing I would have change would be her hair band into a circle like a little crown. I haven’t seen 12 Years a Slave and not likely to anytime soon since I really can’t bear to watch any level of cruelty.

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6 thoughts on “Oscars 2014: Favourites

  1. Vix

    Gorgeous choices – glad you like the deep plunging V as much a me, the killjoy Daily Fail readers hate it – which is a sign of our great taste! x

  2. HappyFace313

    All ladies looked absolutely beautiful. Hadn’t seen Pink in that dress yet – what a stunner!
    All other ladies you chose were outstanding, too! 🙂 Excellent selection! 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! I was completely stunned by Pink’s look. I don’t think all the usual stars got equal coverage this year and I was disappointed by a few actresses who normally look wonderful.
      Have a great weekend! 🙂

  3. Pret a Porter P

    I’m going to be the party pooper. I didn’t watch the oscars, but judging by the picture, Pink doesn’t look bad or anything, but somehow the dress doesn’t suit her in my opinion. Mrs. Willis looks lovely and radiant. For me, I LOVED what Angelina Jolie wore, but I am biased…she could wear a garbage bag and still look stunning. Cate looks beautiful, and she has such perfect carriage–I think that dress would look awful on a “young Hollywood starlet” type, but she looks flawless.

  4. silkpathdiary Post author

    It’s ok, party poop away 🙂 ! I totally see what you mean – it really is not her usual style so if nothing else all credit to her for trying something different. I briefly saw what AJ wore and expected nothing less – quite sweet of her to be the supportive partner this time – agree she could have worn anything really 🙂 And yes, Cate has such perfect posture, that’s how she looks even better in whatever she chooses to wear – age does have some advantages!


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