Basics: Casual with Gavroche

KAGAMICROCéline Micro in smooth camel leather, blue Hermès Karo pouch and gavroche ‘Coupons Indiens’. The H colours are eminently photogenic 🙂EVERYDAY3 I’m more the jeans and brogues or slippers type than ballet flats (don’t really have the feet or legs for absolute flatties). Anyway, usual jeans/jumper combination plus the throw over vintage Eastex two tone grey coat is a very easy, no fuss outfit for me on the weekends and other casual times.EVERYDAY2The gavroche is a very small 45cm square scarf.GAVROCHE

It’s perfect worn double knotted like this during the transition out of full Winter mode. I always prefer to wear a scarf more often than not and like to transition from thermal vest to a lace edge silk camisole too.DETAILSCLOSEBy the way, I’m doing better than I thought with the shopping self restraint: I bought a wallet, fuchsia jersey skirt and a faux fur handwarmer (I’ll show them soon enough!) and returned one item from last month. So now I’m distracting myself with making a packing list for the Summer holidays and the few items on the next (mid year) shopping list – the last for the year but which will carry over to the first part of 2015.

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