Basics: Casual and a Drag

DRAGCORDSI’m enjoying mixing textures when it never used to occur to me to give it much thought. These purple cords from Gap 1969 are such a joy to wear – I stumbled upon them thinking they were going to be a normal navy. The Banana Republic Men’s cashmere jumper has shrunk a bit but no matter, I just wear it as a closer fit and they have not piled or anything like that after two Winters. And the black nubuck Sam Edelman boots are as comfortable as ever. DRAGCORDS2 The bag is the Hermès Drag I (the modern versions are Drag II) which is a rather unfortunate name but there it is, also here. It’s from 1964, box leather in the classic Rouge H colour. This is a colour that has changed over the years. The more recent Rouge H has brown undertones whereas my Drag bag is most definitely cherry flavour 🙂 There are numerous fine scratches on the leather but in photos its fantastic patina conceals them all!GAVROCHE2

I have another lace edge camisole peeking out again and the Coupons Indiens gavroche seems to go with everything I wear so far.DRAGCORDS3It’s a very good size for me and so incredibly light for the capacity it has (due to the depth) although as with all my bags, I never overfill. I must be off to the supermarket now – my cupboards are bare!

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Basics: Casual and a Drag

  1. hungryhungryhippo404

    Totally drooling over your Hermes Drag! I agree, the name is a little unfortunate, but I suppose it can be a bit fun and cheeky as well 😉 Julia

      1. silkpathdiary Post author

        Light as a feather! Maybe a combination of the medium size 30cm and box leather. I know they come in other leathers eg chevre (very light so you can go up a size) and VN that I imagine would be heavier of course. As a rule none of my everyday bags are over 1kg empty. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. GK

    Those cords look so soft and comfy; really like the way you look in this casual outfit. And, of course, I love the handbag!

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