Inspiration: New Season 2014


I feel the need to make some minor adjustments to the things I’d like to wear for Spring – trouble is I’m not sure what they are yet so I’m going to take some time to look at the recent shows, generally be inspired and reassess what I have. It’s nothing to do with not knowing what to wear or not having anything to wear – those days are gone for good – but everything to do with mixing and styling – both things I’ve always been hopeless at. However, I started to do a bit of both last year and really hope to build on that now.  I have so many options to mixing let alone the styling part with all the stuff in my wardrobe and inspiration from everywhere has taught me unexpected pairings can and do work really well. Colour is still very much to the fore instead of shoved to the back of my mind and ignored. But I need to focus on the mixing because I know I’m not allowing my wardobe to achieve its full potential! Besides it’s going to be an ongoing reassessment of what I know and love plus being open to trying new things which I feel is important. Overall, I’ve never felt so good in my clothes!

I’ll always love dresses and absolutely love the cut of this cornflower blue above, and that it has pockets! It’s a grown up feminine style that’s even better with the bright yellow shoes.article-2563931-1BABED5600000578-533_634x918Elegance and style when wearing volume, loose, slouch and drape is something I’d like to achieve for myself. Not everything has to be fitted. streetstyle11133-webAnother version of slouch and controlled volume which I think is very chic.020714_Tommy_Ton_rtw_Fall_2014_slide_056 Colour mixes are a lot of fun and these days anything goes!1796617_579096822179491_911336593_nEternal elegance to me yet thoroughly modern though I’m pretty sure that Kelly is very vintage. ParkandCube_Bally-AW14-BTS_03Bomber and wide leg tailored pants? I’m there!3114atVicrolf0933web I really, really love this leather jacket to the point of obssession: the soft curves of the sleeves and body as well as the slight roominess look so effortless.12214atCha5995web1New proportions that inspire me to check if I’ve got anything to make a similar look.fendi8418webProportions again and though you don’t have to wear the skirt as snuggly at the hips, the message is clear. 11613phone3067BWweb So good: looseness and bit of volume.article-0-1B1BDE2200000578-293_634x859Beautiful colours and textures in simple lines – nothing more required. article-0-1B558BB800000578-883_306x659Asymmetry and oblique lines always appeal to me. article-2537573-1A8E5CFF00000578-151_306x700 The reason I love this proportion so much is that it gives the illusion of length for the lower part of the body and a smaller, neater upper.article-2554481-1B48AB5200000578-626_306x700 Yep loose tailored pants again with a short top.article-2556562-1B5CC61400000578-955_634x932I just love how Carolina’s suit is her uniform and so perfect! She’s also very partial to a crisp white shirt which looks amazing on her.streetstyle10981-webI include these photos because I love her different outfits with the same beloved bag. streetstyle11018-webThanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Inspiration: New Season 2014

  1. jangrahammcmillen

    You solved a problem for me today! I’ve been fretting a bit that I wasn’t quite understanding this spring’s focus on volume. When you noted “controlled volume” a light flickered on in my teeny tiny little mind. I love the ideas you’ve noted above, and agree that they’re going to be a challenge for a short girls like us. But not insurmountable … I like fitted garments, but I join you in being drawn to drapey and slouchy.
    So, thank you!
    ( I noticed that I’d missed putting your blog on my must-read list side bar … please note, with my apologies, that I’ve fixed that error.)

  2. Sharon S

    Hi there! Wow some really inspiring pictures for the coming season- for me though denim is the front runner, I’ll be investing in key pieces in either denim or chambray that won’t date and go with what I already have xx

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you – I’m loving my denim dress now that the weather is so Spring like. I also got a short sleeve Chambray shirt last year which I’m looking forward to wearing as well. xx


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