Grey Cable and Yellow Silk

GREYSWearing a vintage Max Mara wool pleated skirt that’s among my favourites, also here and here, with a Gap Kids cotton cable jumper that happens to be the right length on me. It’s a little bit of a weird colour they call ‘Smoke’ but it’s not as dark as charcoal and has a subtle green undertone. It’s warm enough on its own when the weather improves but as it is, I need the thermal vests still underneath.

GREYS2You can see the differences in shade best here but I’m ok with it. My scarf is by Hermès called ‘Brazil’ in a warm yellow ochre colourway. This is a very comfortable and proportionate silhouette for me. The key was finding the right length of jumper.

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Grey Cable and Yellow Silk

  1. rukshanaafia

    Grey & yellow was one of the combinations my mother taught me – but in our family we always had to keep the yellow away from the face (and hands ) because otherwise we looked curried .

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I normally wear lemon yellow and was surprised how much I love this shade. Fortunately seems to be ok with my skin tone but I know what you mean – I tend to keep most strong colours well away from my face. Thanks so much for visiting!

  2. GK

    Love this grey and yellow combo. Just perfect for springtime. You are lucky to be able to wear cable knits jumpers. I love them, but they look awful on me. I’m chunky on top so they just add more bulk. 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! Spring is back again at least for this week 🙂 Actually I have the similar problem because of my broad shoulders/upper arms if you look closely. I own only the other colourway of this jumper and a looser proper Aran jumper. Tried to find ones with plain sleeves but no luck.

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