Closet 2014: Gap Love and Birks

I hit the Spring Sales for things on my shopping list.

cn7298083My trusty Zara navy quilted jacket is passed down to Tween now and as I was looking at Gap, I spied this hooded navy 3 in 1 jacket in the Mens department. My mother has a similar style by Marks and Spencers she loves that I was really tempted by but this one is even better in my opinion. It’s 3 in 1 because there’s a detachable quilted jacket with a hood that you can wear on its own. On me it’s the perfect mid thigh length. I needed a practical weather proof coat with a hood that was light and required no special care. This is all that.cn7179071My Boy outgrew his Gap varsity jacket long ago but I could never never find a replacement in his size with the same quality then I spotted this Flight jacket that he instantly loved. He’s not one for clothes. At all. So I knew he really, really did love it! It’s beautifully made. He’s in between sizes and will have to wait until September to wear it I guess. In the meantime it fits me – it looks interesting with my skirts 🙂  cn7400524 I love these jeans so much for my Tween but I don’t think she’d get much wear out of them sadly and no it most definitely does not fit me! The patterned pant trend is obviously here to stay but one I’m having to sit out.cn7602615 The Girls’ cable knits that you’ve seen already in the darker smoky colourway are just great. I passed on a couple of jumpers to Tween who in turn was able to pass a few down to Sweetie.cn7394173Now tTand I had to order the XS. It’s a shame they didn’t photograph them better because the hem is curved at the sides so it’s a really nice detail to wear out instead of tucking in. The Oatmeal colourway is lovely and different. cn7394143I had to buy the navy and grey versions too which completed my Summer shopping list. I love their basics and cannot find anywhere better to be honest.09910312_xlAnd so we get to the Birkenstocks – never thought I’d ever mention that brand on my blog! However, these might be the perfect answer for Summer sandals for my kids. I noticed they don’t like to deal with straps and buckles yet want to be secure. These have not arrived but I await anxiously because I would love to try them myself and see what all the fuss is about with ‘ugly’ shoes! Here is a review by Susie So So. Birks and I have history: a friend bought a pair for me from Germany in the early 90’s because they weren’t avaialble in UK and there was no online commerce. They were white with a closed front and looked a fright on my wide feet! It never occured to me to ask for black d’oh! Anyway I’m very interested to see this time round and I know there are plenty of similar sandals available but I always like to go to the original source.09910790_xlThanks for reading!




8 thoughts on “Closet 2014: Gap Love and Birks

  1. Sue

    For a moment you had me there – I was thinking you’ve bought some but they’re for the tweens! But there’s no harm in trying just to see what they’re like if the sizing is right. You never know ….

    And thanks for the mention :o)

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      You’re welcome! Thank you for the review because I really wasn’t looking forward tovisiting Clarks to check out their sandals for kids. My 2 eldest have overtaken me in their shoe size already so it’ll have to be a guestimate. I’m keeping a very open mind. If they work then my tailored trousers will get a new lease of life not to mention jeans.

  2. Vix

    I used to live in Birkis pre-hip replacement as the hospital were able to build-up the sole for me to make walking a lot easier. x

  3. GK

    I love that you can pass down your clothes to your children. The flight jacket is gorgeous, hopefully it’ll last your cute boy a long while. Boys can be harder to find items for than girls!
    I love the chunky clunkiness of Birks and have long been a fan. I don’t wear them any longer because I don’t like the support they offer (I prefer no support). They are much better for your feet than the standard flip flops that everyone wears. Well, the double strap version is better because you don’t have to grip with your toes to keep the sandal on. All that toe gripping is very damaging for feet! Especially growing childrens’ feet.


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