Spring Blues, Kelly and Birkenstocks Verdict


SPRINGBLUECLOSEI’m finding it so very hard to shake off the heaviness of Winter when all I want to do is skip for Spring. To cheer myself up I took out some favourite blue pieces: the graphic pencil skirt by H&M also here, Gap rayon tee, vintage necklace, Hermès vintage crocodile cuff and Kelly 28cm in black box.SPRINGBLUE2The tee is wonderully versatile and has just the right amount of slouch plus upper arm coverage. The only thing is it’s a bit too long for me to wear outside (but I’ve solved that issue with a new batch from the Gap Petite range). Zara softly tailored pants, Rag & Bone leather brogues. SPRINGBLUE4Just to prove once and for all what I long suspected, I simply cannot wear Birks in a normal way. I love black sandals but have found none so far that could be a back up to my faithful pair here – not that I’m *actively* looking you understand. My kids are wildly happy with their Birks so 2 out 3 is pretty good 🙂SPRINGBLUEAE2My Boy took these on my phone: H&M knitted navy blazer and H&M Kids canvas plimsolls. This blazer was such a great find from 2 years ago also here – another H&M treasure! SPRINGBLUEAE3I really wanted to wear my jackets more preferably with pants like this in a smart casual way. This might be a contender for my travel outfit in the Summer.K38BBTWILLYA gratuitous close up of the Kelly in black box. I’ve always loved wearing black and navy together; all black is too severe the older I get whereas all navy is too officey and impossible to match separates but one of each feels right to me.

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15 thoughts on “Spring Blues, Kelly and Birkenstocks Verdict

  1. happyface313

    🙂 hahaha, I can’t believe you wear an Hermès bag with Birkies 😉 Love it!
    I actually have pink and purple Birkies I only wear at home, because I still feel funny running around outside with them. But then to mix them with an Hermès bag…I have to think about it…they would actually work with my multicolored Picotin 🙂
    You have great ideas and always make me think, my dear! xo 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Yeah, no boundaries that’s me 🙂 They are a shiny black like the patina on my Kelly. But you MUST try your colourful Birkies with the Picotin – sounds wonderful! Thanks for your vote of confidence!

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