Flight of Fancy and Brogues

FLIGHTBROGUES2Mixing and matching like a maniac! I didn’t think to use the brogues with my classic skirts last year, kept them for trousers and jeans. Usually I go straight into leather flats or slipper mode but it feels very comfortable and more robust to wear the brogues like this. We continue to have awful internet issues and so apologies for not responding to comments and visiting your blogs – I really miss catching up and will do so as soon as possible.FLIGHTBROGUE5I’m so sorry about the dire photos – my usual prop had moved and I didn’t have time to move it back. Plus it was windy enough to shake my camera at times. FLIGHTBROGUES3I threw on the flight jacket I’m *ahem* looking after for my Boy since there was a cold wind and light showers. My black box Kelly was absolutely fine, the rain drops sat on the surface and dried off completely.FLIGHTBROGUES4I suppose this is a bit Land Girl-ish of the 1940’s. Gosh I love the utilitarian style of that era. Tailoring on a woman always looks extra good in my view. I used to prefer the luxury and silhouette of the 1930’s but really the 1940’s was everything and from it was born the 70’s which is another favourite era.

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