Another New Year: Camel, Khaki and Beige – Day and Night

LADYFirstly, if you are of or in a Theravadin country, may I wish you a very Happy Buddhist New Year (yesterday)! We’re a multifaith family and this is the 3rd ‘New Year’ to be celebrated so far …. one more to go before the end of 2014 🙂 For us it’s pretty low key involving a special meal offered to our ancestors followed by prayers for health and happiness.

I feel lady like and comfortable in this look today 🙂 An old Jaeger skirt (I have the same in navy) also here and here with an even older, vintage M&S short sleeve lambswool jumper from the 90’s. Normally I never buy lambswool but as it’s by M&S, I was completely confident and I was right over 20 years later! LADY4 I also bought the jumper in navy (of course!) and wore them constantly at the time. They have survived to be useful again after a decade of baby rearing. I hung on to them because nobody I knew wanted them and they are too good to bin yet not new enough to give to charity. Anyway, now that I need short tops, they’re just right.LADY2Another vintage bag I love because it’s not a tiny size like a lot tend to be and the colour is special to me. I’m pretty certain the handle was added later to replace the original that had most probably broken. LADY3I wore a single pearl strand, H belt and the Cobra Society slippers with my ususal wrist adornments. VINTAGECROCO There’s a metal plate under the tab that opens the bag when pressed.VINTAGECROCO3A really streamline shape for the era and it holds more than you’d think. VINTAGECROCO2 It has the one zip, button close, open slip pockets on this side and two more on the other. All are lined with moiré.TULIPSI couldn’t resist the tulips now in full bloom – there’s just a single yellow bloom among the reds.

And covering up for the chilly Spring evening:

BEIGEBALLYBOOTS4 I pulled on the Bally boots also here and threw on the Banana Republic cardigan jacket also here, here and here.BEIGEBALLYBOOTS6I don’t have a short jacket (ie to my waist) which would have been nice too. On me, a ‘short’ jacket = cropped or bolero length for average folk.BEIGEBALLYBOOTS3 Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Another New Year: Camel, Khaki and Beige – Day and Night

  1. jangrahammcmillen

    Look, you in a heel! Love it. I really love the juxtaposition of the pearls and khaki. Very cool and confident and “Karen Blixen” (Remember Meryl Streep in Out of Africa?) And then there’s the bag … perfiect! You are a gorgeous creature!

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