KSport x 2

KSPORTCLOSEKSPORT5I was very good and didn’t wear any jeans since that last outfit but the weather pushed me back into them! Briefly. It was bright and warm in the sun but mostly freezing cold out of it so jeans it had to be to balance out the extremes. Gap 1969 indigo real straight, Zara Girls red gingham shirt, H&M navy knit jacket also here, Sam Edelman boots, vintage Gucci belt, Oasis silk neckerchief and Hermès Kelly Sport also here and here.KSPORT2It’s a deceptively roomy bag despite the sellier construction where the seams show on the outside edges. For me it’s a tote style that I can shoulder carry and I don’t have to undo the straps to reach my mobile that sits in a pocket closer to the top of the bag rather than down at the bottom.NAVYLEATHER3Jumper, leather skirt and dressier ankle boots. There are 2 sizes below the size I’m carrying and one larger I believe.  NAVYLEATHER2 I mostly see it in a grained leather not smooth box like this with a longer strap so mine was shortened by the previous owner.NAVYLEATHERIt’s a pretty robust style and capacious enough for carrying slightly more than my usual. The best thing is the easy access and versatility.

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12 thoughts on “KSport x 2

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Oh, I had decided to take a break from wearing my jeans specifically the boyfriend since they were all too easy to reach for. I have so many other things to wear that deserve the effort not to mention boring myself let alone others 🙂 My goal is to evolve and that means variety.

  1. Simone

    Oh, I like the Kelly sport. What do you think of the Jypsiere? It always catches my eye as a pleasing Kelly update.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks for dropping by and your question! I haven’t seen a Jypsiere in real life but from everything I’ve read from the start, I’m not a fan for several reasons: the long flap – I’ve never liked this feature on a bag (the Celine trapeze is ruled out for this reason too) plus the fussiness of the strap attachments and the rectangular shape which I’ve realised isn’t the best for my build. I’d much rather have the smaller size of the Kelly Sport 🙂

  2. happyface313

    I have never seen anybody wearing a Kelly Sport before – a very interesting bag, suits you well!
    I’m with NIcole – why not jeans on an unpleasant day?! And yours are very dark navy blue, so they’re more classy than average boyfriend jeans. No?
    Have a real good Sunday 🙂

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