A Rainbow in My Bag

KBRIQUE2I saw a photo of the contents of a woman’s bag years ago containing the usual items of wallet, card case, cosmetic bag etc, the difference was that they were all in the most beautiful colours I’d ever seen – yep, Hermès colours! I used to avoid bright colours on their own let alone together! Yet these colours were all different and didn’t clash, in fact they just intensified each other. That image had such an impact I decided there and then to do the same over time as and when my needs arose. And over time I noticed my wallet had become a most unattractive lump of jumbled receipts, vouchers, cards and cash. No matter how often I tidy it up, no sooner done than for it to happen again practically overnight – lumpier than ever! I’ve never been one for carrying everything but the kitchen sink in my bag so I realised perhaps only a little re-think was necessary. Not a complete overhaul but an adjustment to better suit my current and future needs whilst indulging in colours I love.

KBRIQUE4In the Kelly 28cm Brique sellier: sunglasses, Karo pouch, rolled up Envirosax, a zip up organiser ( a deep raspberry pink irl), 2 cheque books, ball point and fountain pens, NAP tape measure (useful for when we viewed houses), Dogon coin purse and smartphone.CONTENTSWhat can fit in the Jigé clutch.CONTENTS2Same amount fits (and a bit more) in the Kelly 28cm Bleu de Prusse retourne.CONTENTS3Inside the vintage Princesse bag.CONTENTS4This is roomier than it looks but because it has a built in pocket already, I slot in tickets/tissues and keys. I would like a cardcase in purple to complete the rainbow!

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11 thoughts on “A Rainbow in My Bag

  1. rukshanaafia

    So that’s how to operate with more than one bag ! I had wondered how you managed . Now I have an excuse for collecting colour coded specialised holders .

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