Review: Sandals, Printed Pants and Dress

SANDALS2 I was looking for a pair of black mid heel sandals because I love my low ones – they work so well in Summer. I did not want to spend too much and these by Sam Edelman popped up here. I really cannot fault them on the style, fit or price point (I got sent a discount code to use). They also have a Valentino Rockstud twin in nude here. Now I was tempted by them too – for about 20 seconds – but decided against.SANDALS3So here they are as it happens with my jeans. They are comfy from the box.SANDALSAnd then surprise, surprise I found these fancy pants at ASOS by French Connection!PRINTEDCAPRI4The things you find when you least expect! I have to tell you immediately they are big to size. The ones above are a size UK 6 and I was last this size 14 years ago! So I know they are generous 🙂 I ordered the 10 first because I never wear anything tight even when it has stretch and I swam in it! PRINTEDCAPRI6Above is a size UK 8 – yeah I was having a Goldilocks moment! I really like the colours and print. The material is cotton with a touch of stretch but it’s not at all flimsy, really good quality. The print reminds me of a sarong and although the darkest colour is  still a green, visually, it can pass for navy which is perfect to tone with my neutrals.PRINTEDCAPRI5Size UK 6 side view. Because I’m a middle aged apple shape, if something fits me on the waist, the hips/bum is baggy – sometimes I can just about get away with it but other times such as with these capris, I cannot so the waist is tight and I’m going to either do more sit ups or get one of those waist extender things that pregnant women use?PRINTEDCAPRI7Size UK 8 side view. Double whammy of hollow back and flat bum = fit nightmare. PRINTEDCAPRI3Anyway just wearing the sandals for a holiday feel. In the 90’s I bought a lot of French Connection clothes and this is literally the first thing since then.PRINTEDCAPRIApologies for the lack of pedicure – I never have the block of time to do everything in one go so it’s a clean and scrub first then another little prep before the polish go on at a later date!DRESSOK so this is a Mango dress (crushed in transit). They said it’s small to size so I ordered a size up from my usual and it turned out to be so huge I asked for 2 sizes down from it. Too snug as you may be able to see. I LOVE the shape of this dress, the style, the structure, the cap sleeves, the length, the side pockets and the high neck. But it’s dry clean only! I am still undecided especially since I really like this one and this both are washable.DRESS4I was surprised how structured this dress was and how well it works with the style and that it doesn’t cling to the lumps and bumps you want to skim over. DRESS3Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Review: Sandals, Printed Pants and Dress

  1. happyface313

    Like your sandals – way too high for me.
    And the colour of your slacks is excellent 🙂 I just think they look the faintest idea big, if I may say so?
    I hate it when stores change their sizes and you have to order 2 in order to get one fitting item. Yikes! 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      The heels are only 7.5cm high – I just make them look taller 🙂 I can’t wear anything higher and be comfortable. The printed trousers I’m wearing are 2 different sizes, the smallest one is shown only in 2 photos – the first front view and the first side view. Most printed pants are the jeans type which does not suit me – this capri style is better. I really love the colours – thank you!

  2. Vicky Brearley

    That dress is a lovely shape on you and the trousers are great – French Connection have always come up huge, for some strange reason. The heels on those sandals are so thin, my spine’s twitching just looking at them – like the front bit, though! x

  3. GK

    Love all the items very much. The trousers are such a wonderful print and the dress is fabulous on you. I wonder, even with dry cleaning required, if it wouldn’t be nice just to keep it and use it for more special occasions. It really is perfect on you. The sandals are awfully pretty too – what a nice array of warm weather choices. 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! The thing is I have plenty of other dresses that are special occasion and there is no need for one more unless in a colour I don’t have and love. The older I get, the less I’m inclined I am to wear any dress that defines my waist so this is a really good shape.

  4. jangrahammcmillen

    Of course, I LOVE your little sandals! Great heel height, charming style … lovely on you! Very nice shopping haul; great trousers in a sweet, springy print and that dress you will wear forever and everywhere. Talk about a beautifully fitting canvas for all the ways you can think of to style it! Excellent!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Jan, we’re on the same page with everything especially the dress – I saw it as being a nice base for jewels and scarves as required although it can hold its own being such a flattering cut. Thanks so much!

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