Spring Trench and KPorc

KPORC2I hope you don’t mind my abbreviations too much KSport, KPorc…. 🙂 This is the Kelly sellier 28 in peau de Porc and below is the 32 in Chamonix for comparison. The photos don’t really show the Porc as a darker, richer natural colour.CHAMKELLY This size is better handheld on me like a briefcase I suppose from this post.KPORC5By contrast I usually shoulder carry the 28 size and can get away with wearing them cross body too.

KPORCENVIROSAXA complete piggy bag family with my kids’ Envirosax and the Kelly Porc is complete with her curly tail! The colour is closest to real life – like caramel.KPORC3The sunshine doesn’t fool me, I’ve got a cashmere jumper underneath the Burberry ‘Harbonne’ trench. The best thing about the trench is the fit, no alterations needed at all. However, I may soon lose it …. my Tween was admiring it the other day when I first put it on from storage. I reminded her that I bought her a beautiful trench in navy from Zara Girls a couple of years ago and she was too shy to wear it until it was too small – I wish I’d got one for myself at the time – they don’t seem to make it anymore.KPORC4There’s a little peek of the raspberry pink ‘Rive Fertile’ Hermès scarf, Gap 1969 bf jeans (they’re more a grey blue irl and not such a classic blue), vintage Gucci belt and H&M Kids plimsolls.

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Spring Trench and KPorc

  1. Sue

    I was just thinking what a lovely trench that was and who is it by and then I thought “drat!” when I realised it was Burberry. Ah well, one can dream. It is a lovely fit on you though.

  2. hermesmerized

    Love a Porc Kelly. Hermes doesn’t use much porch anymore, except in their saddlery department.. Many of their craftsmen are unable to handle porc skins for religious reasons.


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