Casual Luxe

SPRINGKHAKI5So how is Spring where you are? I expected to be wearing dresses and skirts by now but no, it’s the jeans and booties combo again due to the cold, rain and high winds whipping my hair!

SPRINGKHAKIAnd essential parka! This is by Gap Men, it’s all cotton, unlined, buttoned through and fabulous because of the secure zipped detachable hood, lovely pockets and being machine washable – can’t ask for more!SPRINGKHAKI2I unwittingly decapitated myself in most of these photos because of running out to catch the bus and not checking the camera from the last time I used it. SPRINGKHAKI3What makes it a Casual Luxe outfit for me is the Theory silk shirt and old cashmere cardigan (Dean & White brand I found on *bay years ago). I’m sorry the photos don’t show the gentle glow of the silk and the softness of the cashmere. It’s a heavenly combination and has become a favourite for me also here.

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Casual Luxe

  1. rukshanaafia

    So far this year I’ve been out of my Gap boys’ cords + thermal layers for ONE DAY . I must be further North than you !

      1. rukshanaafia

        Yup – out of cords and into charity shop linen for SIX days so far . Best linen trousers – Laura Ashley , best skirt Wall .

  2. Jane

    Lovely outfit. Looks very chic and comfy. Our weather has been up and down. One day im in short sleeves and another im in sweater and boots.

  3. Vicky Brearley

    I’m sure May’s like this every year, looking back on my blog its been a mixture of bikinis, sun dresses and fake fur for the past 5! Love those boots on you. x

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