Review: Little White Dress 2014

LWDHello! Apologies for the unintentional blog absence, a lot of things combined the last week or so consuming blogging time although I have been reading/commenting as much as I can. I just didn’t have time to take outfit photos. LWD2On the hottest day of the year so far, I’m glad things have quietened down enough to show this year’s LWD by Gap. A white lace dress has been on my shopping list forever. The right one never showed up and then a couple of weeks ago I spotted this one online while ordering stuff for my kids. I didn’t have high hopes but it was instant love! Here with the Longchamp Roseau tote, Hermès belt, Sam Edelman patent slingbacks. LWD3I wasn’t particularly looking for a full skirt because that’s full of danger for me at this height and with waist *issues*. For once being shorter than average facilitated a better fit because the gathering at the waist falls a couple of inches below leaving a much neater area to belt in. The sleeves are long enough to be office and travel appropriate – plus there are side pockets. The bonus is it’s pure cotton with a pure cotton lining giving it a really nice hang. It’s also a dream to iron – just let it dry on a hanger and there’s minimal creasing. LWD4Of course I had to try them with the Birks for running about with my kids after school! On the average person, the length would be above the knee.LWD5Vintage Céline bag and belt: it’s a cool and easy dress to wear at home and away without any effort. A woman I met just 2 days earlier at the office immediately asked where I got it from so I gave her the details.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Little White Dress 2014

  1. Denise Reed

    Love the look, and the length is just right. Did you have to have any alterations done to get it to fit so nicely? Changing the shoes and bag styles gives it a whole different slant on visual appeal. Great dress.

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