Chambray and White Jeans

CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANSI LOVE wearing white pants here, here, here, here and here. These Gap 1969 white bf jeans were among the last flurry of jeans hoarding nearly a year ago but Spring was a wash out and I didn’t wear them all last Summer. The Chambray shirt is from Gap Men and a fantastic quality and make. Again, it’s passable for the denim shirt look.CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANS4The jeans go with pretty much any kind of footwear in my collection. Today it’s a little bit smart casual so the pointy studs come out to play! CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANS2They happen to match my beloved vintage Hermès Princesse bag in alligator here and here. I’d wear this outfit to a casual meal but put on a lace camisole or very nice bra so I can unbutton the shirt one more button down.CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANS3I collect vintage pieces to wear with normal everyday things and not in a retro way. When I was student, I used to wear Doc Martens with a vintage 1940’s jacket. I still have the jacket but not the Doc Martens sadly!CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANS7 More casual with my Coach nubuck bag and leather slippers by Cobra Society. I must point out that the fit should be a touch looser as they are a bf fit but even a slight loss of tone in tummy/hips area has an impact on my frame.CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANS9I should warn you that I also bought some red jeans from H&M Girls about the same time as these white ones and they have yet to be worn – if I can’t even zip them up, they will keep for my Tween 🙂

Wishing you all a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend and Bank Holiday!

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Chambray and White Jeans

  1. Sue

    A lovely combination – this one works really well on you. Just a query – I notice you tend to go for the menswear over the womenswear in Gap – do the shirts not fit as well?

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Sue! Great question – generally I buy jumpers, casual coats and shirts from the men’s or boy’s departments because they are better quality and fit. In this case, I got a pale blue chambray shirt from Banana Republic women’s which happens to be a little snug across my shoulders (but that’s the standard BR fit anyway), it’s shaped at the waist (not ideal for me) and wanted a darker blue colour, looser fit so went for this one at Gap Men. I do tend to avoid the women’s shirts and tee because they shape in where I really don’t need them to!

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