Chambray and White Jeans

CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANSI LOVE wearing white pants here, here, here, here and here. These Gap 1969 white bf jeans were among the last flurry of jeans hoarding nearly a year ago but Spring was a wash out and I didn’t wear them all last Summer. The Chambray shirt is from Gap Men and a fantastic quality and make. Again, it’s passable for the denim shirt look.CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANS4The jeans go with pretty much any kind of footwear in my collection. Today it’s a little bit smart casual so the pointy studs come out to play! CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANS2They happen to match my beloved vintage HermΓ¨s Princesse bag in alligator here and here. I’d wear this outfit to a casual meal but put on a lace camisole or very nice bra so I can unbutton the shirt one more button down.CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANS3I collect vintage pieces to wear with normal everyday things and not in a retro way. When I was student, I used to wear Doc Martens with a vintage 1940’s jacket. I still have the jacket but not the Doc Martens sadly!CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANS7 More casual with my Coach nubuck bag and leather slippers by Cobra Society. I must point out that the fit should be a touch looser as they are a bf fit but even a slight loss of tone in tummy/hips area has an impact on my frame.CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANS9I should warn you that I also bought some red jeans from H&M Girls about the same time as these white ones and they have yet to be worn – if I can’t even zip them up, they will keep for my Tween πŸ™‚

Wishing you all a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend and Bank Holiday!

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Chambray and White Jeans

  1. Sue

    A lovely combination – this one works really well on you. Just a query – I notice you tend to go for the menswear over the womenswear in Gap – do the shirts not fit as well?

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Sue! Great question – generally I buy jumpers, casual coats and shirts from the men’s or boy’s departments because they are better quality and fit. In this case, I got a pale blue chambray shirt from Banana Republic women’s which happens to be a little snug across my shoulders (but that’s the standard BR fit anyway), it’s shaped at the waist (not ideal for me) and wanted a darker blue colour, looser fit so went for this one at Gap Men. I do tend to avoid the women’s shirts and tee because they shape in where I really don’t need them to!

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