After the Rain

YELLOWROSE2 YELLOWROSEIn UK, there’s at least 865 different sorts of rain. At least. Well, the other day we enjoyed a rainstorm. My garden is grateful since the ground had cracks in it, however, the blooming yellow roses are plagued with aphids. I really have to take action!SHIRTDRESS A quickie outfit shot before we left to visit my MIL who is over 80, has osteoporosis and fell twice breaking a couple of bones. Thankfully she’s very slowly on the mend in hospital.SHIRTDRESS4Gap shirt dress, Burberry trench, Coach nubuck bag, Missoni elastic belt and Cobra Society leather slippers.NAVYSHORTDRESSSame dress with my Hermès vintage Drag bag and studded Giacomorelli flats.pinkroses2These little wild roses began to bloom as well. They’re small enough to tuck into a card or a wrapped gift as a fresh decoration.pinkrosesThanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “After the Rain

  1. Gam Kau

    Hope you had a nice visit with your MIL and that she will have a speedy recovery. So much worry about the older folks as we grow older too.

  2. Sue

    Hope your MIL is recovering okay. It’s nasty at that age as the bones are so much more fragile.

    The dress looks lovely on you with both coloured accessories. I think the burgundy is just edging it forward for me though.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Sue! Well it’s partly due to her (old) generation when they didn’t really take care of themselves properly.
      I never used to think burgundy was a good colour on me but maybe because I’m older now …. pfff 🙂


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