Spring Lilac

LAVENDERPORCLinking to Jill’s blog Everything Just So and Adrienne’s The Rich Life (on a budget) for their wonderful ‘How I Wear My …’ series: Pastels this month.

I love and have worn most pastels: lemon, lilac, baby blue, mint, pale pink but never at the same point in my life – I don’t have all of these shades in my closet even now. As an 80’s teen I had a pale lemon short sleeve shirt that was actually a man’s XP size and I wore it to death belted loosely at the hips over a long white broderie Anglaise skirt – both met a stained washing accident and I never replaced them since. Much, much later, I had a mint wool dress by Escada that was too long but I never got around to altering it so it was never worn and passed on from my closet. Pale pink is a colour I’m currently trying out. In the meantime I have a vintage baby blue wool knit cardigan jacket that gets a lot of wear every Spring here, here and here.LILACPORC Lilac is another which seems to work well for me as a Summer dress and in the form of a cashmere jumper that I just rediscovered 2 days ago! I was putting away my Winter jumpers and found it as I was taking out a couple of other cashmere items to give to my mother. It’s by The Cashmere Company and I bought it several years ago with a few other items from *bay in a cashmere frenzy. It was sent to be dry cleaned the last time, it came back in its own little plastic bag and there it remained for the last 4 years at least.LILACPORC2Spring remains cool with spells of rain so it’s a perfect item: warm, light weight and a delicate shade. Gap 1969 bf jeans, Hermès Kelly 28 in Naturel Peau de Porc, vintage Next belt and Sam Edelman Trina sandals in Whiskey – these got a thorough soaking last Summer when caught out in a massive rainstorm but they seem ok.LILACPORC3When I first got the jumper, I never imagined I would be wearing it in such an easy casual way – certainly not with a Kelly which was still a distant dream then.

LILACCHAIN Lightening the palette even more with a change of bag to Céline and Kat Marconie peep toe shoes.LILACCHAIN2 LILACCHAIN3Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Spring Lilac

  1. thriftingmystyle

    Hi my dear!! This is a gorgeous outfit and light pastel colours look fabulous on you, that’s such a lovely sweater and I love your overall look! xx

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