‘La’ Brique and Safari Green

LABRIQUEKHAKIGREEN2Keeping it real by including my wheely bin in the shots! I’ve been working some more in the garden timing it in between the downpours. Today is glorious and we can fully enjoy the delights of a tidy garden. This is an old safari dress by Oasis, another High Street treasure that comes out every Summer.LABRIQUEKHAKIGREENThe fit is just right and it can pretty much take me from office (with closed toe footwear) to park with my kids to even the beach. Of course I don’t require such versatility with all my clothes but I used to be much too specific while always admiring most those women who can effortlessly and spontaneously go from one kind of environment to another without worrying about the appropriateness of her outfit.LABRIQUEAnd so this is the new addition to the H family called the La bag in brique box leather. It’s a style I haven’t come across very often at all and so it was very hard to imagine how it would look on me and how useful. In the end my gut instinct was right and she’s the perfect shoulder tote style! LABRIQUE4 The box leather is ultra light, the tall handles slim and don’t slip off the shoulder, it’s in a favourite red of mine and the size is very good for my needs and frame.LABRIQUE3I’m obssessed with the white stitching that emphasise the lovely lines of this style. Although not a fan of goldtone hardware on this particular brique colour, in this style it’s minimal. LABRIQUE2I’ve already begun to treat it as it was very dry on the corners and edges but fine otherwise. LABRIQUE2This was one of the corners originally. LABRIQUEEven with just the first application of Blackrock (and here), the colour immediately came back. I will definitely waterproof it as the final stage.

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