Casual with KBrique

KCASUALA few days of glorious warm weather suddenly changed to the cool and cloudy variety all too familiar these past few years. So out came the Gap bf jeans, the grey slouchy cotton Zara Boys’ jumper and the khaki green Gap Men parka against the fine drizzle.KCASUAL2I loved wearing these snake print slippers by Marc Jacobs too much and need to get them resoled already. Normally new shoes last me several months if not a year because I rotate so often. My Kelly in the Brique colour box leather adds welcome colour and sharpness to a casual look. It’s more of a challenge for me to wear the casual everyday as my default seems to be dressy. These bags have to work in a casual way for me. KCASUAL3The horn necklace again … and again 🙂 goes with most anything I wear which is such a joy since I stopped keeping things for best. By the time you reach middle age, everyday should be your best 🙂

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