Spring: 5 Shades of Pale

5SHADES4From a couple of weeks ago when it was still Spring … A few old closet favourites combine with newer putty colour booties by Sam Edelman. Burberry trench feels very easy layered over a simple Gap slouchy rayon tee. The Hermès Lindy in Gris Tourterelle Clemence leather was an extremely lucky find 3 years ago. 5SHADES5I used to think I should have got a beige colour trench and not a light stone like this but with my colouring it’s actually best in this shade. All the palour needed a high contrast definition which was my black belt. 5SHADES6In real life, everything’s a touch darker, the photos have come out slightly bleached. They show the 3 ways that the Lindy can be carried. You may not be able to see but the top of my booties have a blue colour transfer from darker jeans when I first wore them out – gutted!

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