Coal and Greens

COALGREEN I was looking for an alternative dark coloured shirt dress that’s shorter than my navy linen by The White Company that I’ve had for several years. It had a washing accident resulting in an unfortunate stonewash effect. This one turned up in the sale at Mango here and they have lots of other shirt dresses. They call the colour coal and whilst I don’t normally wear brown dresses, this is kind of an inky brown that’s a bit different.COALGREEN2It does contain ramie which is a cheap version of linen I think so will crease but I don’t mind that. It’s machine washable and has pockets. I’m getting used to the drawstring feature that seems to be de rigeur this season. For me this style represents a newer more relaxed version of my beloved shirt dresses. COALGREEN3I grabbed the green Jigé which also something new for me: day clutch for running around. If you look closer, you may see a green bracelet 🙂 It’s a classic style by Hermès and I was very lucky to find one to fit my small wrist.GREENJIGEEasily fits the essentials of 2 little purses, make up pouch, tissues and sunglasses case as seen in this post.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Coal and Greens

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  2. madmils

    You always look so chic 🙂
    Although my style is casual / beach b u m I still feel scruffy when I look at your pictures !!!

  3. silkpathdiary Post author

    Thank you so much for the taking the time to visit and compliment! Really? I’ll let you in on a secret – it’s very easy for me to look like the ‘dog’s dinner’, I just don’t photograph myself then 🙂 and after a decade of being in a fashion wilderness – truly – I have the photographic evidence – I found a couple of tricks to get myself out of that rut I was in: a bit of tailoring (shirt dresses/pants), good accessories and not sacrificing comfort – discomfort is never chic, right?

  4. madmils

    Very true, it shows in your face, your deportment and your whole persona – you’re distracted until you take the thing off !


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