Lilac and Neutrals

LILACDALVY I’m still loving the year’s wardrobe mixing and matching task! This lilac cotton top is vintage by Escada bought many years ago together with a mint colour version and they have both had a lot of use. Skirts are a very important part of my wardrobe all year round particularly in Spring/Summer. This one is by Massimo Dutti from last year also here and here. I’m so pleased to have rediscovered the old sleeveless shirts to go with it now.LILACDALVY4I love full skirts but have to be careful that the fullness doesn’t make my middle look even wider. This skirt has a really nice cut and hangs well because the material is a good weight. Downside it’s dry clean 😦LILACDALVY5The Hermès Dalvy bag comes out every Summer also here and here. The leather is vache naturel which is a saddle leather and will darken over time. It’s looking pretty pale right now and there is the possibility of treating it to hasten the process but I am still uncertain about doing it which will also result in the leather being weatherproof.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Lilac and Neutrals

  1. Vicky Brearley

    That skirt is a great flirty shape on you.
    I never pay attention to dry cleaning labels, everything goes on a cool was in the machine from 1940s suits & 1950s ball gowns to gaberdine macs. Not had a disaster yet! x

  2. Sue

    Drat! I should have kept that skirt shouldn’t I? It looks fab on you especially with the sleeveless blouse – a lovely combination – it has a touch of the fifties about it.

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