Travel: Plane Easy

AIRPORT2014 Wrecked but we made it to the airport minus a couple of things forgetten in the rush – this is not my usual mode I must point out, however, it was beyond my control and lesson learnt for future preventative measures 🙂 So the chinos and shirt combination won for long haul travel wear and very comfy it was too.TRIOTARMACTarmac mode: there’s something still quite glamorous about walking on the tarmac to board your plane provided of course that you’re suitaly dressed and walk in a sedate fashion without barging you way through fellow passengers. My trio took a moment to contemplate the journey ahead. BOLCHINOS2The Bolide makes her debut as my Travel Bag. I put her in an Envirosax for protection and to enable me to carry excesses like a pack of wet wipes and small water bottles in one. This is a real life saver way to minimise the numer of bags when traveling with children. BOLTWEENWith my T\ween who is wearing the I’m-almost-a-teen sullen look! BOLINSIDEEverything fits in perfectly which I’m very happy about.DIMPLESSTOPOVERStopover mode: matching dimples optional 🙂 It wasn’t too bad waiting. POOL2014After unpacking, cleaning up and a little nap, straight into the pool ahhh …! That’s my Boy sitting on the edge. Hope you’re all having a great Summer – I will get round to visiting your blogs and responding to comments soon – the internet is very slow here 😦

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