Travel: Brunch

FLOWERSFOUNTAINFOUNTAINFLOWERSVases of flowers in the fountain of the hotel foyer. This is an annual visit for us and we make the most of it every time!DSGetting stuck in! We take our time and enjoy a couple hours eating, chatting, drinking and … eating … 🙂DUCK The Management sent over some duck since we go back such a long way.DUCKWRAPSWe relieved the poor waiter of his pancake rolling duties and helped ourselves. CAKEDessert was freshingly light.CHECKRUGBY And my jersey graphic print dress by Max & Co is the only one to wear for such a food fest!CHECKPOWDERROOMA visit to their tiger-tiled powder room 🙂 That’s my Tween behind.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Travel: Brunch

  1. Gam Kau

    Your daughter’s hair – so BEAUTIFUL!
    Yummy yum cha! Hope you are having a lovely and relaxing holiday. 🙂


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