Travel: Dinner

ORCHIDSOne of the highlights of being away from home is getting together with old friends and enjoying the time like we just saw them yesterday. On this occasion we went for a dinner in beautiful surroundings and couldn’t ask for more.DINNERTABLEVelour, glass, ceramic and pewter table setting. SUSHIMIXI simply found myself a fishing boat 🙂 SUSHII’ve always encouraged the children to try a bit of everything whenever we have the opportunity.ICECREAM TARTTiny desserts are all the more tempting, no?DESSERTMIX LBDIt was a casual dinner (for 5 adults and 5 children who all get on marvelously) so I thought to add my mousseline scarf to lighten my French Connection LBD. LBD3I knotted the ends together for more security and anchorage when at the table.HCLUTCHHere’s a close up of the vintage Hermès clutch. I don’t know its name but the style of the front tab closure is like the ‘Faco’ clutch.

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