Green and Pink

JIGDESSERT The green Jigé in the rather lovely surroundings of my friend’s beautiful new home.PRINTPINKHEELS What d’ya think, a passable resort-living style look? The same eyelet shirt and print skirt but this time with the pink croco Christian Dior sandals I scored for very little on *bay a few years ago. The hat was from Forever 21 shop a couple of years ago and I still love it. Dior and Forever 21 – keeping the *ahem* balance!PRINTPRINKHEELS3The sun was fierce and a hat with the widest brim possible was imperative even though it makes me look like a colourful mushroom.BUBBLYChampagne to celebrate!JIGBWI changed into the French Connection LBD which doubled up as a sun dress and covered up with the crisp white Burberry shirt. LPOOLThe children adore water and loved playing in their custom built L shaped pool (note the 3 waterfall features). Like I said resort-living and my friend has done an amazing job creating a very cosy yet chic and sophisticated family home – my kind of living 🙂 She and her husband are both wonderful generous hosts and we enjoyed the most delightful time with them – yeah we had trouble dragging ourselves away let alone the kids … 🙂

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