More Navy and White

WRISTSNAVYTEEWHITELINENI thought I packed the white version of this Gap viscose tee but didn’t so it’s another navy/white combo. I’ve always felt looking good in loose clothes was much harder than wearing something fitted or tight. Even an artful looseness could drown my frame. And it did – I went around for a while wearing too big and baggy clothes in the belief I was sporting the original *boyfriend* look. The whole thing eluded me and I just gave up. It’s taken the leap of faith into the boyfriend jeansΒ here and their easy usefullness to give me the confidence to branch out into the linen alternative πŸ™‚ my Summer staple. The viscose tees were also a revelation because they’re slouchy and their drape flatters so well at the same time. Besides comfort, another bonus to the *loose look* is that it can give the illusion of a slimmer frame underneath – yay! NAVYTEEWHITELINEN3So sorry for the camera angle – hope you don’t get a crick in the neck! On the way for a long stroll in my favourite mall.NAVYTEEWHITELINEN4Thank goodness I packed the CDCs, forgot to grab the fun earrings though. I don’t mind mixing my metals. My accessories prove again and again their worth in giving a little lift to a very basic and unisex outfit.NAVYTEEWHITELINEN2The intense sunshine makes the trousers appear dazzling white lol! NAVYWHITELINENx3The wedge heels were the perfect height and are a new classic for me. CCJUMBOMALLMy mother in action in the mall πŸ™‚ POWDERROOMFLOWERSFresh flowers in the mall toilets – such a nice touch!

Note about my photos: I do nothing to them except croping ie no photoshop or other alterations. πŸ™‚

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